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Motion Work, Appellate Work and Other Litigation Work

       The Law Offices of Peter J. King was established in April, 2012.  Prior to that time, Mr. King worked as an associate for a small Los Angeles law firm.  In addition to the insurance coverage work, his prior firm did general litigation work.

       The research and writing that is required for insurance coverage work involves the same skills that are required for motion work, appellate work and other litigation work.  Furthermore, Mr. King has done such work in connection with the general litigation practice at his prior firm.  He was particularly skilled at making unique and complicated legal arguments in connection with both his litigation work and his insurance coverage work.

       Since 1990, Mr. King has also done work in roughly 25-30 coverage litigation cases for insurance company, self-insured company and insured/policyholder clients.  Such coverage litigation cases have naturally involved such motion work, appellate work and other litigation work.

       Mr. King has been involved in the following published decisions: Condor Ins. Co. v. Williamsburg National Ins. Co. (1996) 49 Cal.App.4th 554; Abbott v. Taz Express (1998) 67 Cal.App.4th 853; Parsons v. Crown Disposal Co. (1997) 15 Cal.4th 456; and a 2004 federal District Court decision for his current insurer client.

      The vast majority of Mr. King's prior experience is in cases/files that have involved the insurance coverage law of the State of California.  Although Mr. King has done and is willing to do work for insurance company clients that involves issues of non-California law, the various remarks above should be construed as being mainly limited to questions of California insurance coverage law.

       The Law Offices of Peter J. King charge reasonably low rates for such motion work, appellate work and other litigation work.  We would appreciate all such work that might be provided by our insurance company, insured/policyholder, attorney or other clients.

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