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Work For Attorney Clients and Other Clients

       Mr. King has almost 25 years of experience in providing legal advice and doing the related insurance coverage work for insurance company, self-insured company, insured/policyholder, attorney and other clients.  Since 1990, he has researched coverage and prepared coverage analysis letters in 300-350 cases/files for such clients, involving CGL, automobile liability, D&O, EPL and various other coverages.

       The Law Offices of Peter J. King can provide effective assistance to attorney clients and other clients in a number of ways.  For plaintiffs' attorneys, we can evaluate whether there is any liability insurance coverage for your plaintiffs' claims.  As most attorneys realize, such applicable liability insurance coverage can be the difference between a claim with little or no value and a case of very great value.  The insurance coverage work on such plaintiffs' claims can involve a search for any available liability insurance coverage, analysis of such coverage and/or responses to insurers' reservation of rights and/or denial letters in such cases.

       For defense attorneys and/or business attorneys, our insurance coverage expertise can assist you in most effectively obtaining defense and/or indemnity coverage for lawsuits against your clients​.  Our special expertise in California's Cumis law can result in your firm being retained by the insurer as independent counsel for your client at the insurer's expense.  In our experience, insurers will often incorrectly claim that their coverage reservations will result in no Cumis conflict.

       We can also assist in obtaining first party coverage for your client's property loss or other loss claims.  Special expertise is required to handle such first party coverage claims for your clients.

       Such potential attorney clients might ask themselves a number of questions.  Do I need an accurate evaluation of the available liability insurance coverage for my plaintiffs' claims?  Do I need to obtain defense and/or indemnity coverage for a lawsuit against my individual or business client?  Is the insurer incorrectly claiming that its coverage reservations will result in no Cumis conflict or related duty to provide independent counsel?  Are my clients' interests best served by having the work on such insurance issues done by my firm or by attorneys with specialized expertise in the relevant insurance coverage law?

       The vast majority of Mr. King's prior experience is in cases/files that have involved the insurance coverage law of the State of California.  Although Mr. King has done and is willing to do work for insurance company clients that involves issues of non-California law, the various remarks above should be construed as being mainly limited to questions of California insurance coverage law.

        The Law Offices of Peter J. King charge reasonably low rates for such work for attorney clients and other clients.  The work done can be limited to only the coverage analysis work, demand letter work or other work that you believe is required in your particular case.