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Work For Insurance Company Clients​

       Mr. King has almost 25 years of experience in providing legal advice and doing the related insurance coverage work for insurance company clients.  Since 1990, he has researched coverage and prepared coverage opinions and the required letters to the insureds in roughly 250-300 cases/files, involving CGL, automobile liability, D&O, EPL and various other coverages.

       Mr. King employs a particular "clear analysis" approach in connection with his work for such insurer clients.  The coverage analysis provided to the insurers in coverage opinions and to the insureds in the reservation of rights and/or denial letters is clear, concise and always understandable.  Those analysis letters generally include an initial summary analysis part that briefly lists the key reservations and/or coverage defenses and a later clear discussion of those coverage reservations/defenses.

       Mr. King has a very good track record in employing this "clear analysis" approach.  In the roughly 175 cases/files for his current insurer client, there has been no related coverage litigation and very few serious challenges to the key reservations and/or coverage defenses by either the insureds or by the insureds' attorneys.

       Mr. King has particular expertise in California's Cumis law, which he regularly employs in the work for his insurer clients.  His coverage opinions generally identify the reservations that can result in a Cumis obligation and will generally also include a practical discussion of the need for such reservations.  If Cumis counsel is required, then Mr. King has a great deal of experience in managing such Cumis situations.

       Mr. King can generally make a quick, non-definitive call as to the coverage for a claim and whether defense counsel should initially be retained by the insurer.  He can then prepare an initial "defense" or an initial "non-defense" letter to the insureds, using the forms that he has for such letters.  This approach allows the key initial coverage decisions to be rapidly made in a non-definitive manner, providing adequate time for the more definitive coverage opinions and reservation of rights or denial letters to be researched and prepared.

       There are a few related questions that the claims handlers and/or coverage handlers for such insurers might ask themselves.  Has the coverage analysis from the recent coverage opinions and the letters to the insureds been clear, concise and understandable?  Have an excessive number of disputes with insureds or their attorneys arisen as a result of unclear or limited coverage analysis in the letters to the insureds?  Has the insurer recently been forced to pay fees for independent, Cumis counsel in connection with reservations that were not actually enforced under the practical circumstances of the case?  Is it a continuing struggle to make an initial call as to the defense of the claim and to communicate that initial defense or non-defense decision to the insureds in an effective, yet non-definitive manner?

​       The vast majority of Mr. King's prior experience is in cases/files that have involved the insurance coverage law of the State of California.  Although Mr. King has done and is willing to do work for insurance company clients that involves issues of non-California law, the various remarks above should be construed as being mainly limited to questions of California insurance coverage law.

      The rates charged by the Law Offices of Peter J. King for work for such insurance company clients are reasonably low.  We would greatly appreciate any such work that is received from your insurance company clients in the future.