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Work For Insured/Policyholder Clients

       Mr. King has almost 25 years of experience in providing legal advice and doing the related insurance coverage work for insurance company, self-insured company, insured/policyholder, attorney and other clients.  Since 1990, he has researched coverage and prepared coverage analysis letters in 300-350 cases/files for such clients, involving CGL, automobile liability, D&O, EPL and various other coverages.

       The need for insurance coverage work for such insured/policyholder clients can arise under a variety of circumstances.  If you, your company and/or your employees have been sued as defendants in a lawsuit, then the Law Offices of Peter J. King can assist you in most effectively in obtaining defense and/or indemnity coverage for such liability claims.  In exchange for a limited amount of research on the liability insurance coverage for such claims and/or a few additional hours to prepare a demand letter to the insurer, you or your company might be able to obtain a defense against the claim paid for by the insurer and/or indemnification by the insurer for any settlement or judgment amount that could be worth thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

       The Law Offices of Peter J. King can also assist you or your company in obtaining first party insurance coverage for your property loss or other loss claims.  Special expertise is required to handle such claims.

        Mr. King has handled roughly 250-300 cases/files for insurance company clients.  In connection with his work for such insurance company clients, Mr. King has obtained a great deal of knowledge that can be very effectively employed in obtaining defense and/or indemnity coverage for liability claims (and/or payment of property loss claims) for his insured/policyholder clients under the CGL, automobile liability, D&O, EPL and the various other coverages that he has addressed for insurers for almost 25 years.

       There are a few related questions that such individual or company insureds or policyholders might ask themselves.  Do I need to obtain defense and/or indemnity coverage for a lawsuit against me, my company or my employees?  Has my insurer improperly denied my first party property loss claim?  Do I need an attorney with specialized knowledge and experience in insurance coverage law to effectively analyze and handle such claims against my insurer?

      The vast majority of Mr. King's prior experience is in cases/files that have involved the insurance coverage law of the State of California.  Although Mr. King has done and is willing to do work for insurance company clients that involves issues of non-California law, the various remarks above should be construed as being mainly limited to questions of California insurance coverage law.

       The initial consultation in such insured/policyholder cases is free of charge.  If the insured/policyholder case is accepted by the Law Offices of Peter J. KIng, then low retainer amounts based upon reasonable hourly rates can arranged for the work that is required or that is desired by the client.